While I am not one to condemn technology, I do think that many of us need to have a talk. Technology has been an incredible invention for the human race. After all, you wouldn’t be able to read this if it weren’t for people like Alan Turing who began creating “Turing Machines” which we now call computers. You wouldn’t be able to read this if it weren’t for Bill Gates who created Microsoft or Charles Simonyi and Richard Brodie who created Microsoft Word. The fact that we have more computing power in our pockets than the first rocket that went to the moon did is simply mind boggling. Even with all of this incredible information and all of these incredible people who have gotten us to this point, there is something we seem to be missing. It’s missing because we have lost it along the way.

Nature is something that we have always had access to. It has been here long before technology and will be here long after technology changes and fades away. Unfortunately, so many of us have become so wrapped up in our lives, of which technology is a major part, that it seems almost impossible to put it down and appreciate what we have without it. Getting outside can be, and often is, just as exciting as doing something on the computer or on your cell phone. While it doesn’t have all of the information that these devices do, you get to experience the information that is there in a completely different way. Something certainly has to be said about that.

Now, there are ways to experience both at the same time. E-books are wonderful if you want to have a pocket guide to animals or plants in your area without carrying around an entire book bag. There are wonderful apps that help you to navigate the night sky and explain the origin and story behind each constellation you have ever wondered about. These are the uses I adore. Sometimes technology brings us closer to nature in ways that we couldn’t have expected twenty or even ten years ago. However, as with anything, a balance is important. Perhaps spending a day away from the screens that we spend so much time looking at is a good idea. Let me tell you, there are fewer places that are prettier to look at than Gaston County.