Greenways are mostly thought of as areas that can be used for exercise and observation. One thing that many people worry about when it comes to using their local greenways is how safe they are. This is especially true if the area is well known for a high crime rate or is heavily drug trafficked. While there is no way to ensure that any area is one hundred percent crime free, thankfully it has come to our attention that there are multiple reasons why your local greenways may well be safer than any other area of your town.

First of all, if your greenway is used often, the risk of crime being a problem automatically drops. This is simply because the more people using the area for its intended purpose there are, the less likely it becomes that people will use it for a nefarious purpose. By having a location that is used on a normal basis, the crime rate will naturally reduce as these people will not want to be happened upon. If the users of the greenway are highly visible, then it stands to reason that anyone who wants to partake in illegal activity will not frequent that area.

Many times, a greenway will connect different areas of the town. This may be schools, shopping centers, or other public buildings. If the paths run between these areas, they may very likely become part of a police beat. Depending upon the numbers of your local fleet, there may even be a bicycle cop that rides up and down the trails for the sole purpose of keeping this area safe. If you are concerned about illegal activity occurring in the greenway, you can always ask your local force if they are able to send out an officer to keep an eye on things.

Here in Gastonia, Gaston County, we want to make sure that our greenways are safe for everyone to use. We want everyone to feel secure enough to walk around and enjoy nature without fear or worry. It has been shown that many greenways around the nation have low crime rates and some have almost none reported at all! With a large volume of people who live in the local communities, our greenways are safe and just as lovely as you would think. Come and see what we mean, we know you won’t be disappointed!