We always hear about how important it is to get a good amount of exercise in our lives. This becomes more important the older we get, but it can also become more difficult to exercise in our later years. Whether this is due to chronic disorders such as arthritis or other medical issues, the fact remains that we cannot stay quite as active as we were in our youth. This doesn’t mean that we should simply stay at home and give up on our attempts to move around. In fact, the exact opposite is true and there are a few ways in which your local Gaston County greenways can help.

Getting fresh air and sunshine has been shown to help improve physical and mental health in people of all ages. While this can be done in many areas, greenways offer a unique setting which can allow for multiple forms of exercise which can accommodate many different skill levels and mobility levels. Many greenways are designed for both walking and riding a bicycle which can help to stretch and build up different muscles depending on what you or your doctor wants you to focus on. With these paths being clearly marked and designed for these specific activities, danger is minimized and you can pour all of your attention into making sure that you stay healthy and happy.

Another added benefit of using a greenway for exercise like walking as opposed to something inside is the surface you are walking on. While weather may prevent you from being able to spend all of your time outside, you also want to avoid walking around inside as much as possible. Locations like malls or town centers, although nice, have hard surfaces for you to walk on. Dirt paths absorb more of the shock that your joints take when you walk or jog than concrete, which means that it will do much less damage to your body than only using these harder surfaces would.

Greenways have something for people of every age. Even if it is a factor as simple as softer ground for a walk, they are beneficial for each and every one of us. Find a greenway near you and see how much better you feel after a day out in the fresh air. We’re certain you’ll be itching to get back out there again!