I don’t know about you, but I consistently hear that physical activity of those in America is much lower than it should be. This is due to a great deal of many different issues. The main reason we hear in defense of a lack of physical activity is time. Many of us have heavy time constraints that may be due to work, family care, or even personal issues which cause physical exercise to fall to the wayside. Often exercise and house work are the two first things which fall to the wayside when there is an issue. Thankfully, the trouble that the lack of attention to these factors can cause may be helped by the use of greenways.

According to a study around 1999, only thirty to forty percent of Americans partake in regular and consistent physical activity. This survey showed that an additional thirty percent of people are not active at all. Inactivity seems to be more prevalent in the elderly, lower income people, those with lower education levels, women, and minorities. This lack of activity is something that is learned in childhood, and the trend of younger people becoming less and less active is a large cause for concern among scientists and doctors alike.

Here in Gaston County, we want all of our residents and visitors to be as healthy as possible. While we understand that time is a large factor in the lack of activity that most of us experience, we also have made leaps and bounds in an attempt to bring exercise potential to you. We have created greenways for you to use and utilize while taking as little time out of your day as possible. Our series of paths and connected areas are meant for you to be able to stretch your legs while still possibly running your daily errands or going to work.

The greenways that you will find in Gaston County are also great places to impart the love of exercise in your children. By making the exercise fun, you can instill a lifelong excitement about walking and other activities that help to keep them healthy. If these habits are learned in adolescence, then you are certainly their teachers. We’re sure that if you try to make it fun for them, you’ll find it to be exciting as well. Check it out and see just how right we are!