In April of 2002, a study was done among homeowners and those looking to buy. Around two thousand people were interviewed by homeowners associations and realtor groups. What was found was that when asked about amenities that were important in choosing their new home, people had very specific interests. While it makes sense that the largest concern was access to highways, what surprised many was that the next most important factor wasn’t shops within walking distance or playgrounds or golf courses. No, what was most important to people looking to move was the proximity to their new home of walking, biking, and jogging trails.

Since this 2002 study, it has been widely studied that the closer to a greenway a house is, the higher the property value. While this may seem odd, there are many benefits which allow this to be the case. For example, having a greenway near your home means that you have easy access to a safe exercise area for both you and any children you may have. This is something that is invaluable for many new parents. Making sure that your child can run around and still remain safe from cars and even things like uneven pavement is a definite selling point. Another factor is the view. Even if your property doesn’t abut the greenway, you are within walking distance of a lovely area which doesn’t have the feel of urbanization. This is certainly something that many younger homeowners are looking for. An escape from the daily grind is almost always welcome and many couldn’t be happier to find one right by their door.

Here in Gaston County, we are extremely proud of the progress that we have made in regards to our greenways. Even if it didn’t raise our property values, we would be thrilled that people can see just how much good these places can do for others. The fact that this is reflected in the monetary value that is ascribed to our location is simply icing on the cake. We are so excited that others feel the way we do about the importance of these areas and see that they are valuable installations for any community. If you are lucky enough to live near one of our greenways, take a minute to look around. A lot of people would love to be where you are right now.