Greenways are great installments to have in any local area. While many people think that this is simply because of the added benefit they will have to the exercise regimen of others, this isn’t true. The benefits that greenways can provide don’t end with how they impact humans directly and therein lays the beauty of them. You see, greenways help the environment as well, and that is something that can be more difficult to provide than help to our fellow man.

Greenways are wonderful because they promote alternative modes of transportation. Due to regulations in these areas, walking and bicycling are on the rise. This means that not only are people benefitting from the healthy habits that greenways cultivate, but so is the environment. By more people avoiding using their cars and buses, the amount of pollutants that are put into the air are reduced and the plant life can help to convert what we breathe out into oxygen. This will help to improve our respiratory health and can even improve our immune systems in the long run.

Another wonderful environmental benefit of having a greenway in the area is that, if used, there will be no real desire or need to continue building up that spot. This means that there will be less buildings which means fewer resources used to create something that we already have an abundance of. There will be fewer artificial materials that are put into the ground and eventually left to decay when the building is no longer useful. Most of these materials are not biodegradable and so they contaminate the soil, however this can be avoided through the use of a greenway.

Having a greenway near a residential area is also something that is most useful. This is because, due to the lack of vehicle traffic and building sites, there is blessed quiet. Depending on how many animals there are, there may be the sound of birds and other creatures that are calming to listen to. Imagine being able to stand in the middle of Gaston County and hearing nothing but the simple sounds of nature. It’s wonderful even just thinking about it. The lack of ambient noise can help those with chronic headaches, sensory disorders, and many other medical issues. Just walk around in one and you’ll see exactly what I mean.